Shuttles on demand

From 45€ per day – See prices here


From the top of Mont Bisanne, the Cuvy plateau or the Col du Pré, enjoy the ten marked trails shaped and groomed all season by the trail Buliders.

The legendary Dev’albertville promises you nearly 19 km from the top of les Saisies resort, all the way down to Albertville.

Among the best known tracks, meet the « Bikette » and its curves drawn to perfection, or the green mossy « Vachette » and its « magic swithchbacks »…

All tracks have their particularities that you may remember for a while!

For the connoisseurs, other drop-offs are possible: the start of  the hidden treasures of the Beaufortain valley.

If you want to discover the wildest places, do not hesitate to choose our formula with a guide!

They will be happy to make your day unbelievable.

Let yourself get carried away by the magic of the Beaufortain valley!


Shuttle with a guide

From 200€ per day, shuttle included.

The Beaufortain with a guide is the guaranty to discover every rock and mossy toboggan of the valley.

From every side of the valley, trails descent offering many opportunities in different kinds of ground.

Everything is hiding somewhere you just need to know how to find them. Follow the guide and ride the Beaufortain like never before.